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Video Marketing in 2022 Part 2: The Search for More Content

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

In our previous post we discussed the importance of integrating video into your marketing strategy in 2022. The main purpose of content-driven videos are to educate, entertain and/or inspire. Content development is vital to a content marketing strategy. Researching, producing, and publishing information with video marketing will help you meet strategic goals of engagement. In this blog post we are focusing on the strategy for your video content.

Content Strategy:

Of all the content and topics you could focus on, below is what we recommend for 2022. We are not out of the pandemic completely, but the world is slowly reorganizing. So much commerce has shifted online, so how does a company capture attention and the holy grail, engagement, while we are still picking up the pieces from a challenging two years? A great video will show your audience what you stand for and will convey your brand story.

The most important strategy for content is to select topics that give you an opportunity to establish and maintain an emotional connection with customers, prospective, current and previous.

Sharing content that solves a problem for customers is ideal. Helpful information targeted to alleviate your customer’s pain points is the best strategy for a brand to stand out in the noise of the internet.

Showing behind the scenes video of employees working hard, especially the customer facing employees, will help create empathy that your customer service team will benefit from and it will also affirm that you are in business and available to your customers.

Showcasing your best projects and any deals or offers. Don’t be afraid to show off your awesome products or services to potential customers. It also helps reaffirm the decision from your current customers to stick with your company.

Here is an example of a video produced by one of our clients, The Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. This is a longer video that visitors see when they first head to their website. It shows a little bit of everything the Ranch has to offer, from the outdoor adventure to the spa services to the food and lodging. For social media, we also edited this video into several different smaller, bite-sized versions, and rolled them out in a series of ads over the course of a few months. We were able to retarget people who had seen the first video, with a follow up video showing them something new. This is a great example of how one great piece of content can be repurposed and used in a variety of ways.

This post is part of an ongoing knowledge series from East River PR. Each of our team members have a unique skill-set and background that they bring each day to our work as we hone our craft. We’ve all gained from collaboration with our colleagues, our clients, and jobs we’ve had along the way, so we’d like to pay it forward here.

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