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Staring Straight Into the Future

I had a client a few years ago utter a statement that has stuck with me, that went like this: “December is a time for cutting off the dead branches.” She hailed from Iowa, a far cry from New Jersey and California where I’ve spent most of my life. That made me wonder: is this expression commonly uttered by folks who live in America’s heartland? It seems to resurface in my mind each December and it plainly states a notion to which I subscribe.

The other thing I love about this saying is that after you prune a tree, the following spring, there’s new growth. I’m ready to prune a bit, and grow.

At year-end, my thoughts turn to taking stock. I look back over the past year and identify things that didn’t go well. I try to take an honest look. Instead of recalling negative stuff, I focus on the take-aways that can help me or our staff grow professionally and personally.

Each December, I set out to rewrite our company business plan. There’s a bit of journaling and self-reflection that goes into the process, all in hopes of shaping a strategy for how we can move into and through next year with some solid goals in place.

With the closing out of any year, it’s also a time to express gratitude for all the opportunities that have come our way, the positive outcomes, the great work our team has delivered and people along the way who have helped us. It’s time to let our big hearts shine and to acknowledge all of our good fortune. With that, I’d like to thank our team that works diligently and collaborates with each other every day. Thank you to our clients who retain us and who value our services. Thank you for all the good out there that attracts awesome people to our midst which causes our phone to ring.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Katie Shaffer leads the ERPR team as CEO and company founder. She is extremely proud of the talented staff she has assembled who deliver expert comms services, helping our clients raise their game.

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