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Our Top 3 Tips to Get Good Media Coverage (as featured in Buzzfeed)

February 6, 2018

East River PR founder and head honcho, Katie Shaffer, was recently featured in this Buzzfeed article, giving her top tips to getting good media coverage for clients. We're re-posting her advice here for you to check out (and to show off her excellent expertise)! Check out Katie's top tips here and stay tuned for more East River blog posts coming in the near future!

1. It's all about relationships. 

Know the medium or outlet and maintain a great rapport with the editorial decision maker there. Being familiar with how you can get your client included as part of a program segment or section is important.

2.Serve as a trusted resource. 

Reach out only when you have something solid that you think their viewership, readers or listeners would be interested in.

3.The early bird gets the worm. 

Be a trend-spotter and jump on opportunities when you see a story breaking that your client can be part of. Right that minute, get on the phone, contact the producer and offer up your client to serve as a go-to spokesperson to provide expert perspective about what's happening and why. Boom. You land this coverage and your client's competition will be drooling and their PR team will be miffed as THE chosen outlet is featuring your client who is positioned on top of their game. You've just won the day. That's how you do it.

As a public relations professional, it's all about loving your craft and doing it exceedingly well. Our craft involves being very skilled when it comes to client and media relationships, being a news hound and being highly responsive. 

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