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Did You Know ERPR Is A Bunch of Yellows?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

How colors help us understand each other

Beyond using colors to evoke different emotions in company branding, we have discovered that colors can be used to identify personality traits among a diverse team of staffers.

When new staffers arrive at East River PR, one of the first tasks assigned is to take a color personality test. When we first did this exercise, we found out that our company was comprised of a mix of "sunshine, fun loving" yellows, "peaceful" whites along with one "deep" blue and one "fiery" red. The personality color code test that is administered is actually an online quiz. Each question must be answered from the mindset of our childhood selves. The test takes about 15 minutes and requires thought put into describing how we reacted to things like praise or punishment as kids. At the end of the test, a color category is delivered based on our answers.

While I feel that people are much deeper than this online color-coding practice, it has become a fun team building experience that gives us insights to better understand, respect and support each other. Interestingly, when we first took this test as part of a company retreat, we were a complementary mix of color personalities. Since that time, I seem to keep attracting yellows, or unknowingly picking yellows as our next new hire. I don't actually know this, until they start work and take the test. This gives me something to work on--to perhaps recognize and then hire a few more red, blue and white personality types!

For our staffers who have been with us a while, we now are fairly well versed on the differences and tendencies of each color personality. Yellows appreciate lightheartedness while on the job; so, we know to approach tough situations with an air of ease rather than unnecessarily intense urgency that would be off-putting to them, not motivational. Since whites want to maintain balance and peace among the team they tend to be quieter in conversations. So, we know it's a good idea to ask their opinions directly and give them the floor to explain their thoughts. Blues value a sense of appreciation and emotional connection to their team, so we know to communicate that their work is well done and appreciated. After learning that reds idle high and feel the need to accomplish tasks in the fastest, most efficient way possible, we see our red teammates as being productive, rather than stressed-out.

Everyone handles their work responsibilities in different ways. “Color-coding” your team is a great way to understand your colleagues better and to consider how they might be experiencing your communication style. The more we can understand and support one another, the more trust we create among our team to tackle challenges and produce amazing work for our clients.

Stay tuned for more insights from our team as we undergo a company rebrand and share tips that have helped us find success.

- Katie Shaffer | Founder/CEO

Katie is ERPR’s fearless Founder and CEO. She is a definite, confirmed "yellow." Katie

came up through the ranks of editorial experience working for a magazine in NYC, a textbook publisher in the Bay Area and directing a marketing department for a scholarly book publisher. Katie loves the diversity of agency work and is a passionate, creative and resourceful leader. She knows how to craft a compelling story and exactly who to put that story in front of.

Katie Shaffer : Founder and CEO

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