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How it Started... How it's Going

Updated: May 18, 2022

Today – Monday, May 16, 2022 – marks the 10 year anniversary of the launch of East River PR. It’s been an amazing run. From the set of photos included here, you can see that each year we’ve grown in size but also in breadth of talent. To honor our ten years in business, we decided to take a look back from our humble beginnings on East River Street in downtown Truckee from where the company was launched with just founder Katie Shaffer and a single part-time staffer who worked at the family dining room table adjacent to an alcove that looked out on the river, which was “the office.”


Fast forward to 2016: East River had been in business about four years when this team shot was taken. Our firm was composed of three full-time salaried employees and two part-timers. Our office was located on West River Street in downtown Truckee in the same building as Linchpin Engineering.


2018: Having moved into a building at the Pioneer Commerce Center the year prior, we started sharing space and establishing an alliance with global PR firm TrailRunner International. It’s been a truly invaluable partnership. Our ranks had grown at this point to include a graphic designer/social media expert, writer and finance/HR professional. This photo was taken during a company retreat held at Katie’s house in Sierraville.


December 2019: With our firm continuing to reach new heights, we took this group shot outside of the Truckee Veterans Hall overlooking the downtown area.


October 2021: 18 months into the pandemic and still working remotely, but feeling like COVID was almost behind us, we gathered at our client Cottonwood’s new outdoor beer garden. With a handful of out-of-the-area/out-of-state employees, not everyone could join us, but it was great to finally get together in person and build some team chemistry which had been pretty difficult to accomplish via zoom.

Thanks to all of our dedicated staffers and to all of our clients who have helped us build into the firm we are today. We can’t wait to see what the next decade holds!

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