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First Impressions Matter

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

According to a Google study, people require a mere 17-50 milliseconds to form an opinion on a website or marketing campaign. By comparison, an average eye blink takes a whopping 100-400 milliseconds! Indeed, people have incredibly short attention spans and good design can communicate bold messaging literally in the blink of an eye. Read on to discover the powerful effects of good design. 


Skillful design instantly tells the viewer a company is trustworthy, credible, professional and relatable.

The power to captivate an audience

In our visual society, brands that create a narrative through imagery and illustration are the most enticing to viewers. AirbnbLevi’s, and Warby Parker have compelling design on all fronts. Among millions of others, these brands have become popular for the same reason: Expert storytelling that rises to the top.

These brands crank out heartfelt stories like no other. Their design tells a story that makes people feel closer to the company. These enthralling visuals can range from a child wearing a pair of donated glasses, a unique logo, or poster depicting how a small company made it big. All of these design elements invoke empathy from the viewer and beckon them to learn more.

As a society, we love stories. We soak them up as we watch commercials, flip through magazines and scroll through social media. The most powerful stories stick with us, and as a result, we purchase their product and support their cause. Storytelling through good design draws potential clients in while simultaneously defining the important qualities of a company. 

It may seem that design takes backseat to copy, but in fact they are partners in creating an all-embracing message that reflects the company’s real DNA. Design is a way to organize what is most important and explain your intentions through visuals. A powerful design solution is only heightened by effective copy and is the one-two punch for your client’s messaging.

As a graphic design student and intern, I’ve found that it is vital to understand a company’s story to produce a design concept they will be pleased with. If a company’s design reflects their authentic story, it is something to be proud of. 

This post is part of an ongoing knowledge series from East River PR. Each of our team members have a unique skill-set and background that they bring each day to our work as we hone our craft. We’ve all gained from collaboration with our colleagues, our clients, and jobs we’ve had along the way, so we’d like to pay it forward here.

Grace Lindemann is our production artist lending her skills while finishing her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Montana State University; specializing in graphic design. Off the clock you can find Grace at the local yoga studio or appreciating the wild and wonderful Tahoe outdoors.

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